Custom Made Costumes by Those Gorgeous Costumes

The Ballet Shoppe Custom Made Costumes
THOSE GORGEOUS COSTUMES provides the best in high quality custom costumes for your solo, performance troupes or concerts.
 Contact via Those Gorgeous Costumes social media. Custom costume orders are no longer taken at the shop. Orders need to be in well in advance of date required. 
We can custom make uniforms in any style and any quantity. You can even create your own design for your uniform and not be restricted to the same styles as everyone else. We can even create your own print!
Available at The Ballet Shoppe is a range of high end and budget ready made costumes that can be ordered at short notice.
We also provide a range of uniforms for dance studios from top dance brands that include a printed logo. 


 Whatever your style THOSE GORGEOUS COSTUMES will design and create your dream costumes.